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    Employer Marketing

    Our clients benefit from our expertise with improved planning and placement strategies, customized staffing solutions that shorten the hiring process and deliver a more qualified candidate base, and a defined employer brand that uniquely positions their company as an employment leader in the job market and produces quantifiable results. At Studio 63, we will bring a great deal of value to your company or organization. We empower our account representatives and support staff to always do
    what is best for our clients. We empower our creative staff to think out of the box and push the envelope when it comes to capturing the imagination of candidates. After all, in this age of technological sophistication, good candidates already know what’s out there. What they need to know is why your company, your position, is better than what they already have. And that’s where we come in.

    Employer Branding

    Are you just another company claiming, “We’re a great place to work”?

    If so, job seekers are probably thinking “that’s what they all say.” We’ll build an employer brand that uniquely positions your company as an employment leader in your market, and produces quantifiable results. In turn, your brand will enable you to easily attract best-fit talent, increase retention, and reduce hiring costs.

    Our employer branding process includes:
    Research & Discovery: Where you are
    Analysis: Why you are there
    Brand Recommendation: Where you should be
    Implementation: How you get there
    Measurement: Are you there yet?

    Copywriting Graphic Design Info Graphics Interactive Web Design
    Do your recruitment message and materials differentiate you from your competitors?

    If not, job seekers are probably thinking “heard it” and “seen it” before. What they really want to know is why your company, your position, is better than what they already have. We’re committed to developing inventive and engaging approaches to achieve the established marketing and creative goals that will ultimately help you attract, hire, and retain the best-fit talent for your company.

    Design/creative services include:

    Interactive media
    Mobile marketing
    Out-of-home (billboards, trains, bus, cinema, etc.)
    Trade shows/Career fairs
    Websites (Careers section)

    Market / Media Research & Placement

    Do you know what’s on the minds of the candidates you seek?

    If not, you’re probably wasting money. Real-time research, competitive information, and strategic planning are essential to learning about your candidates and where to find them. The payoff results in attracting best-fit candidates with minimal effort in less time, and reducing your hiring costs.

    Services include:
    Competitive research and analysis
    Internal research and analysis
    Market/media research and analysis
    Demographic studies
    Focus groups
    Employee surveys
    Industry and position-specific information
    Industry trends
    Customized research

    Media Planning & Buying

    Are you maximizing the return on your advertising dollars?

    Our commitment to negotiating value-added opportunities for every single buy is the reason Studio 63’s media team is regarded as one of the best in the region.  We utilize an array of tools to meet the challenges of today’s media environment, with its abundance of consumer choice and media options.  We have access to all of the major research tools, such as STRATA, Nielsen, Arbitron, and ABC; and also utilize over 50 non-traditional options.

    We also maintain a comprehensive, multimedia database, which currently contains over 6,500 records, including:  Internet sites; local, regional, national, ethnic, multilingual, trade, and college/university publications; and broadcast and outdoor media.

    Our comprehensive media services include traditional, non-traditional, and new media:
    Broadcast (radio, TV)
    Out-of-home (billboards, train, bus, cinema, etc.)

    Website Development – Career Sections

    Did your website just turn away your best candidates?

    It may have, if your website and careers section don’t offer pertinent information quickly, concisely, and creatively. Losing top talent breaks down to loss of money and time. At Studio 63, we’ve built and refined a website development process that combines business and human resources understanding, great design, cutting-edge functionality, and candidate generating techniques to take your Human Resources Department to the next level.

    Our innovative solutions include:
    Website application development
    Software development
    Custom web design
    Content development
    Content Management System (CMS)
    Backend and database requirements
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Advertising / Marketing – Traditional, New Media / Interactive & Alternative

    Are you finding the right people with the right qualifications for the right cost?

    If not, you may be spending your recruitment advertising dollars in the wrong places. With our direction, you’ll attract better quality people, reduce turnover, and ultimately receive a higher return on investment. At Studio 63, we’ve developed and managed hundreds of customized, multimedia recruitment advertising campaigns for Fortune 100 companies, small to mid-sized firms, and non-profit organizations. From mobile marketing to videos and HR public relations to grass roots initiatives, we’ll go beyond traditional advertising to push the envelope when it comes to strategic input, creative, and media.

    Our goal-driven advertising/marketing approach focuses on:
    Building employer brand awareness
    Improving quality of candidates
    Increasing traffic to your career site
    Providing innovative, cost-effective solutions
    Producing desired results

    Employee Communications

    Are your employees being kept in the dark?

    If so, you’re not fully engaging with one of your greatest assets.  Unfortunately, a lack of communication from management to employees quickly leads to lower morale, productivity, and retention. Successful employers recognize the importance of employee communication programs. With that said, it’s one thing to know that you need to stay in touch with your employees’ thoughts and attitudes. But in the reality of day-to-day operations, these broader priorities are often pushed aside.  At Studio 63, we’ll help you develop and implement internal communications programs that will make for happy, productive employees, a great work environment, and improvement to the bottom line.

    Employee communications services include:
    Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)/relocation packages
    On-boarding materials
    Recruitment materials
    Referral/retention/recognition programs