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The perception is that a brand is simply a logo, tagline, or ad. The reality is that a brand is made up of a bunch of perceptions – positive, neutral, and negative – first and foremost. The challenge is mapping out how to manage and shift these perceptions to get more people to fall in love with your brand. And convince others to do the same.

Building a brand starts with recognizing that no amount of communication will be effective if your actual values and culture don’t back up the promise of your brand. At Studio 63, we understand that building your brand is a complex coordination of research, analysis, planning, implementation, and continuous monitoring. It takes an integrated approach to identify and craft your brand based on self-evident truths that are discovered during research, extend outward to connect to potential customers, and are reinforced internally and at every point of contact. We’ll help you capture the essence of your company by conveying your “value proposition” – the totality of your culture, systems, attitudes, processes, and customer and employee relationships.

Our strategic branding process includes:
Research and Discovery: Where you are
Analysis: Why you are there
Brand Recommendation: Where you should be
Implementation: How do you get there
Measurement: Are you there yet?