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    Social Media

    There’s no question that social media has changed the landscape of how we connect and communicate. Yet many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to using social media for business. But with the right tips and tools, social media can be very manageable – and help build greater awareness and affinity for your brand. Studio 63 will deliver a social media strategy driven by a singular purpose: igniting the conversations that lead to the deep and enduring relationships between an organization and their customers. Social media is a channel of people stories. Brands are focused on delivering product stories. We utilize social media to give brands a meaningful entry point to start a conversation – an engagement point. It’s the start of a dialogue that begins with the consumer’s agenda and seamlessly migrates to the brand’s agenda. We strategize … we engage … we spark conversation to ensure you’re part of the community.
    Our comprehensive, integrated social media process includes:
    Short- and long-term planning
    Content strategy development
    Customer engagement
    Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms
    Measurement and analytics support