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    Referral/Relationship-Based Marketing

    Word-of-mouth marketing is more powerful than ever before. With the dramatic increase in consumer online sharing and social networking, the ways people share, consume, and discover information and brands have significantly changed. Consumers have always trusted advice from friends and peers more than they trust brand advertising. And now, companies have the opportunity to harness the power of their customer advocates to get them to spread the word on their behalf. We will develop a specific set of strategies and tools designed to deliver qualified leads, new clients, and repeat business through a systematic networking approach. We help you establish the “who, what, when, where, and how” in order to develop highly-effective referral/relationship-building programs and marketing materials for the short- and long-term.
    Components of a referral marketing strategy may include:
    Referral letters
    Thank you letters to include referral generation
    Networking referral cards
    Endorsed mailings
    Testimonial requests
    Referral offer/incentive programs
    Customer loyalty programs
    Social media